Christmas gift for the staff or for the customers...

prizes in sales competions, thanks for participating in customer surveys, gift for celebrants. The occasions can vary but they all have one thing in common and that is that it can be difficult to be spot on. We have a solution for the problem - personal gift cards for corporations loaded with extra values.

We thought that it could be nice to be able to give away a little more personal gift card that we tailor-make for you with a greeting on the inside of the gift card. You choose message, font and color and then you can complete the greeting by adding your logotype. The delivery time is the same as for the regular gift cards - orders placed before 5 pm will be delivered the following weekday. All gift cards has a nice design and contains the activating code for the app and are delivered with a nice envelope.

Extra value

To make the gift even nicer we make sure that the receiver gets an extra 10% value at many of the different locations that honor our gift cards. In all search results in our app there are locations marked with "F". Here the receiver gets an extra 10% value for their gift cards.

Below you can find some of the companies that have choosen to use our personal corporate gift cards for Christmas gifts for their staff.

Please feel free to contact us for questions or for orders.


SEBDanske BankMicrosoftPayzoneSJEsswellMonsterIkeaApsisAstra ZenicaBringICATeliaSparbankernaTV4



New redeeming locations and offers are added contiuously.


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