One gift card for lots of experiences!

Stockholm, Copenhagen or Gothenburg - it dosen't matter! We have a gift card that's valid for hundreds of restaurant, hotel and spa experiences in both Sweden and Denmark. Many of the restaurants and hotels that honor our gift card are among the foremost in their countries and are mentioned in guides such as White Guide and Guide Michelin. The gift cards are loaded with lots of unique offers and choices so that even the most choosy ones can find something appealing.

For companies

We also offer tailor-made solutions for companies that desire personal gift cards and we include extra values for the receivers as well. Read more here!

Last minute gift?

For thoose that are out in the last minute to find a gift we offer the possibility to send the gift card by email or text. Then you also get a nice pdf that you can print and hand over to the receiver. Read more here!

Fast deliveries and no extra charges

If you order our gift card by email or text you can get immediate delivery with no extra charges. You only pay the value of the gift card. If you order our printed paper gift card before 5 pm on weekdays the gift card will be sent the same day. Administration fee and postage will be added to the order in that case.

An app

The gift card is built on an app that the receiver downloads to their smartphone. That way you allways have the gift card with you which makes it simple and convenient to use. Read more here!



New redeeming locations and offers are added contiuously


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