About the app

Our gift card is built on an app that we have produced that works with most smartphones (iPhone and Android). When you order the gift card you can choose to send it as a regular printed card, by text or mail. All theese include a code that the receiver uses to activate the gift card with in their phone.

In the app there are many functions that are made to help the receiver find a suitable location to use their gift card at. First you choose if you want to use your gift card in Sweden or Denmark. Then you choose if you want to eat and drink, stay over or get a spa experience for the gift card. This is made thru serches where the search results first is shown in close proximity but you can of course choose city of choice thru map searches as well. To simplify the choice all locations are presented with pictures, short describing texts, maps and links to their own websites for closer information.

In addition to the search functions above you can also choose to search thru lots of unique offers that are included in the gift card. This way you can get a little more value for you money.

The receiver choose themselves if they want to use the full amount at once or if they want to spread it over several occations. It's also possible to add more gift cards if you might receive them.

The gift card is valid for one year but if you haven't had the time to use it you might prolong it with another year against an administration fee of 20%.



New redeeming locations and offers are added contiuously.


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